Executive and Leadership Coaching

Business is changing constantly. It always has; but never quite like what we are experiencing in the information age. The stress of leadership, the demands and expectations all around, just keep piling up – often to the point of obliterating focus on the “most important things.” default to being driven by the tyranny of the urgent and then resorting to their conflict strategies.

How do executives keep their head in the game, maintain the passion for their objectives and not burn out? It is a point of pain for many. The truth is, it is almost impossible to do it alone. I can help. The tool box I bring to our coaching relationship will give you an edge to leverage yourself to make your highest and best contribution. You will understand yourself in a new way, what motivates you from your very innate character, how you learn, how you respond when you are anxious and stressed, and ultimately, how to do it differently.


This is what you can expect when you work with me:

“Finding Theresa was like finding the “X” on the treasure map!

– JB

Expedited On-Boarding

Your new hire or the newly promoted manager creates a reduction in productivity as the employee absorbs more value in the short run than he/she is able to add to the corporation. The 3-Step Assimilation Process is proven to compress the typical 6 months required to reach that breakeven point. The transition acceleration also lessens the likelihood of failure, creates credibility for all involved, and yields enormous returns for the organization.

Succession Coaching

Organizations large and small have individuals moving up, moving out and perhaps moving over as generational changes occur. Succession changes often struggle as the individual accustomed making the decisions is required to mentor the successor. Coaching helps to identify and prioritize issues that manage the assumptions, values and the expectations for all, enabling a smooth transition for the individuals and the company as a whole.


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Individual & Team Optimization

Teams go through several stages of development: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and ultimately Transforming or Ending. Individuals also move through a similar progression that includes Initial Awareness, Awkward Performance, Conscious Application and Natural Integration. Optimizing the first two processes in Individual and Team Development creates higher productivity in a shorter amount of time with a greater ROI.

Solution Focused Communication

There are five components to every issue requiring resolution: Data, Interpretation, Emotional Response, Needs and Wants, and Actions. This interactive training develops skills in both speaking and listening in all five areas. Focused exercises develop techniques to achieve complete understanding and the use of specific language that builds trust within the team.