Mentoring and Supervision Coaching

Mentoring is as old as The Odyssey. While he was away at the Trojan War, Odysseus knew that his son Telemachus would need care and wise counsel. His friend Mentes took on the role to foster growth in the boy until he became a mature leader. Millenia later, we still recognize that having a mentor is a crucial element for great achievement.

Great coaches become great with mentors! International Coach Federation recognizes the value and requires 10 plus hours of mentoring and supervision as part of the application for credentialing at every level.

If you are considering mentoring and supervision that is in alignment with International Coaching Federation requirements, consider the benefits and flexibility of either the group mentoring classes or one-to-one mentoring relationships. Commitment is for 6 months (12 sessions) of 50 to 55 minutes each with review of 6 recordings for assessment.


12 CCEU’s Available from ICF

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

– JC

Please contact me to set up a 30 minute consultation.

“One of the best decisions I’ve made as I start my coaching practice was to hire Theresa as my Mentor Coach. Our coaching relationship has offered exceptional insight into the core competencies and disciplines of coaching, helped me clarify my focus and take action on my priorities in building my business, and strengthened my work on my personal foundation. Theresa’s experience and wisdom, and her deeply caring heart, are priceless!”

– CR