Right Seat/Right Work

The wrong person doing the wrong work squanders resources like a broken fire hydrant in the middle of an inferno. You simply cannot afford a bad hire for your business or your team. You need the right person in the right seat doing the right work for your business to be successful. I specialize in helping you find that person who is perfect for the work you need done. By using my unique tools including assessments, a 360 approach to interviewing, as well as measurements of passion and interests, I help you locate that “needle in a haystack” that will make your life easier instead of harder!


This is what you can expect if you work with me.

“I couldn’t imagine where to actually begin to get the right person for my growing business. What Theresa has done for me is help me define the perimeters of the role, get the right person and onboard them seamlessly. I won’t be second guessing my decision. It has been worth so much more than I paid!”

– CT