Small Business Coaching

For Entrepreneurs, small business leadership comes with a heavy price tag. The number of decisions that have to be made each day are staggering. Employees are necessary; but all too often, they add a lot to the stress of running the business. It is easy to default to the tyranny of the urgent and then resort to operating out of conflict strategies

As a partner in your small business success, I bring a variety of tools to help you maximize and leverage yourself. Our work together will enable you to more effectively work with other individuals and/or teams. You will understand yourself in a new way, what motivates you from your very innate character, how you learn, how you respond when you are anxious and stressed, and ultimately, how to do it differently.


This is what you can expect if you work with me.

“It isn’t just her business savvy that makes her rock. Theresa courageously explores the core of her clients to discover the crux of their coaching needs. Her sessions often move me at my tectonic plate level!”

– RH

Assessments & Strengths Development

Why do I use the Core Values Index as an integral part of my coaching practice? It’s all about truly knowing how you are! The CVI has a 97.7% Retest Score Reliability. Virtually no other assessment even comes close. Most are in the 60s and 70s percent range. And virtually all other assessments measure behavior as opposed to inherent essence.

The CVI confirms where you have the greatest capacity for your highest and best contributions. It will also help you understand why you do what you do, what causes you anxiety and frustration, and where you find your greatest energy to perform. The integration of who you are and how you behave is what Mazlow calls self-actualization. That’s what we are aiming for in the utilization of the Core Values Index.

Strategic Revisioning/Planning

A new car is never worth more than when it is sitting in the show room. As soon as it rolls off the lot, its value decreases. The same is true for strategic planning. As soon as it is implemented, it requires adjustment and change. Coaching prepares an effective leader working with his/her team for the constant challenge of revisioning and change management.

Blueprint for Life

An extremely effective tool used within a group setting to discover the God given purpose for life by analyzing five aspects of each life. (1) spirituality, (2) personhood including intellect, emotions and body, (3) relationships with others, (4) resources including finances, property, education, and (5) vocation or career. Contact for information on new groups.


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Communication Skills/Conflict Resolution

The success of true leadership rests upon superior communication skills. It does not matter what we know if we are unable to communicate it. To be truly effective and master the art of communication and conflict resolution depends upon three things: an understanding of the construction of an issue, the ability to ask questions, and the recognition of assumptions, beliefs and expectation that distract and derail the process.

Career Positioning

Which does your career path resemble – a game of roulette or a game of chess? Are you depending upon luck or strategy? Build key skills, recognize the gaps that hold you back, develop a thorough understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to leverage them to take you to the next level.

Life Transitions

Transitions are normal and natural. Unfortunately we are rarely prepared for them. Understand your strengths and your core values. Become clear on how they factor into the change occurring in your life whether you are transitioning in your job, home, family structure, etc. Learn how to use specific strategies to combat the stresses of transition.