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consulting for business growth & change

The Blueprint for Growth is a proprietary three phase transformation process that navigates businesses through the Big Strategic Changes in the life of an organization. Examples include leadership turnovers, major growth cycles (and their companion growing pains), moving to a new technology or process, or whatever your current headache is or will be.  

Phase 1: At the Starting Gate 

In this most intensive phase, ESC&C works with our clients to address underlying needs and the deliverable required.  We actively engage in gathering input from the sponsor to the stakeholders using assessments, 360’s and a variety of other tools to ultimately provide a holistic and actionable path forward.

Phase 2: Building Momentum

This is the point where dreams become reality and the intensive preparation of Phase 1 bears fruit. Outcomes are defined with measurables and timelines.  We also work to design a complete experience ensuring that the post course environment supports both personal and business development.  

Phase 3: Sustaining the Change

It takes intention to keep the process from defaulting to what was in place before.  

As your partner through change, ESC&C stays with you to keep you accountable to the goals you and your team set and to keep the ongoing work on track.

When issues arise, we will be there for you to power-coach and problem-solve, bringing with us all of the understanding and context of the previous phases to make realistic and actionable recommendations.

We will continue supporting the team’s learning and growth with access to resources and coaching to firmly root the change into the foundation of the organization.

"It isn’t just her business savvy that makes her rock. Theresa courageously explores the core of her clients to discover the crux of their coaching needs. Her sessions often move me at my tectonic plate level!" – RH

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