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Empowerment Strategies Coaching & Consulting specializes in working with businesses of all sizes to identify opportunities for optimization, strategize a plan for growth, and implement actionable blueprints for improvement.


Empowerment Strategies Coaching knows that every small business has the highest need, and perhaps one of their greatest vulnerabilities, during the hiring process. While all businesses struggle with putting the right person in the right seat, for small businesses hiring the wrong person is just too expensive a mistake to make. It is precious time away from working in the business.  Business leaders need to find a good hire and onboard them swiftly so everyone can get back to business. Empowerment Strategies Coaching can help.


Blueprint for Growth

The Blueprint for Growth is a proprietary three phase transformation process that navigates businesses through the Big Strategic Changes in the life of an organization.

Strategic Growth for Business

Personal & Professional Coaching 

By providing individual and team audit optimization plus group coaching services, ESC&C takes a holistic approach to team building.

With personal and professional coaching and development, understand yourself in a new way: what motivates you, how you learn, how you respond when you are anxious, how to emotionally regulate.

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