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When you are in charge of a meeting, it can be tough to be an equal participant with the rest of the team. When every brain in the room needs to be fully present, ESC&C can pick up the reins of facilitation freeing your mind for the real work. From leading leadership development conversations to curating actionable brainstorming sessions, ESC&C leads meetings that move the needle.

Leadership Planning Meetings & Retreats

CEOs, department heads, and business owners have one critical task – planning for the future.  There are many other tasks to be sure but good planning assures the rest gets done effectively and strategically.

As we partner with our clients, Empowerment Strategies Coaching and Consulting brings a full complement of facilitation skills to quarterly, semi-annual or annual leadership meetings.  

What we bring to the table:

  • We work with you to determine meeting priorities, metrics of success and required deliverables. 

  • We partner to produce an agenda and meeting materials that guide the discussion to the desired destination.

  • Leaders can select from a library of leadership and development topics or choose their own to structure the themes of the meeting.  Although we can facilitate a conversation on almost anything, our sweet spot is around interpersonal and team communication for understanding and success. Some topics include:

    • Thriving through Change

    • Management Styles

    • Understanding the Who’s and How’s of Stakeholder Management

    • Active Listening

    • Asking the right questions

    • How to acknowledge but not endorse

    • Thoughts vs. Feelings

    • Setting priorities

    • Effective delegation

    • Employee growth and retention

    • Conducting effective reviews

    • Goal setting 

    • Purposeful Conversations

  • The Coach Approach to Team Management

  • ESC&C can act as a meeting facilitator and capture the key take-aways from the dialogue.  

  • We offer guided whiteboarding sessions to facilitate productive brainstorming.

  • Depending on the size of the group and the amount of content to cover, ESC&C can facilitate breakout discussions with small groups to maximize collaborative time.

After Action Reviews & Lessons Learned

Businesses, like individuals, are notorious for making the same mistakes over and over again.  Tired of that old cycle? ES&C brings to the table a process formulated by the US Military and adopted by Fortune 50 companies to capture, understand and actually LEARN from past actions. 

Following a major event or cycle, we offer the facilitation of a thorough After Action Review that drills down to root causes and provide actionable and repeatable lessons learned. We can coach through traumas of loss, facilitate celebrations for wins, and ensure that the take-aways stick with you. 

"Meredith brings a balanced approach to any project. Her ability to think creatively while applying that within the timelines/confines of a specific initiative is impressive and adds incredible value." - BT

"Meredith is a talented strategic thinker, manager, and leader." - EK 

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