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helping you navigate the future

As a partner in your small business success, we bring a variety of tools to help you maximize and leverage yourself. Our work together will enable you to more effectively work with other individuals and/or teams. You will understand yourself in a new way, what motivates you from your very innate character, how you learn, how you respond when you are anxious and stressed, and ultimately, how to do it differently.



Being a CEO, a department head, or a small business owner, it is you and your leadership that determines the success or potential failure of your organization. Unfortunately, it is not unusual to have the tyranny of the urgent distract from one’s own leadership development. The truth is that if you want to grow your business, you, as a leader, must constantly be learning and growing in your skills if that is to happen.


Be the leader you need to be!  Critical topics include:

  • Thriving vs. imploding through change

  • New management Styles

  • Understanding the Who’s and How’s of Stakeholder Management

  • Active Listening

  • Asking the right questions

  • How to acknowledge but not endorse

  • Thoughts vs. Feelings

  • IQ, EQ, and CQ

  • Setting priorities

  • Effective delegation – The “no fail” model

  • Employee growth and retention

  • Effective employee reviews that catalyze accountability

  • True goal setting vs. stating aspirations.

  • Making your workplace conversations purposeful


The success of true leadership rests upon superior communication skills. It does not matter what we know if we are unable to communicate it. To be a truly effective communicator depends upon three things: 

  1. An understanding of the context, 

  2. the ability to ask exploratory questions, 

  3. the recognition that there are assumptions and unspoken expectations that may create defensiveness and/or anger, and the ability to acknowledge them and bring the conversation back on track.


Navigating the dynamics in a family business can be challenging.  When it is hard, ESC&C can help bridge the difficulties to bring trust back into the relationship.  When things are going well, we help you grow by building on one another’s strengths and capacities. We know family businesses and we know how to help them thrive for generations to come.


This is what you can expect if you work with Empowerment Strategies.

  • A clear understanding of your personal strengths and how to leverage them.

  • An awareness of the tools that can be used to help your team understand their strengths and achieve unity.

  • Focused sessions to set long term goals and objectives to grow your business

  • Self-awareness of personal attitudes and belief systems and their impact upon your leadership style.

  • A healthy integration of all aspects of your life that will keep you operating in complete integrity.

  • Recognition of opportunities to surround yourself with supportive team members who can minimize your skill gaps.

  • Clarity around your personal and professional vision.

  • Enhancement of your ability to process using your unique learning style.

  • A connection with your core values and the ability to identify areas where there may be disconnects.

  • A partner who recognizes that you have been called to a uniquely responsible position and that you have what it takes to achieve your dreams.


Are you making the highest and best contribution to your organization? Find out by taking the Core Values Index Assessment.

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