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Thoughtful Delegation

Take a look in your leadership toolbox. Do you see Delegation? Is it a shiny and well-used tool that makes you and your team strive to your hightest potential? If you answer is "not so much" then we have a one-hour mastery class for you.

It’s time to pull it out and polish up your Delegation tool. This is what a new shiny delegation skill set could be doing for you!

· Create a more powerful team

· Leverage your cultural & corporate values

· Discover untapped potential

· Advance diversity

· Level the work among the team

· Develop buy-in from under or unmotivated team members

Want to know how? You are in luck! We are offering a virtual workshop on Effective Delegation on Tuesday July 21 at 12:30 PM PST.

How can you use this?

· Register for yourself as part of your own leadership development.

· Have your entire team register to get everyone on the same page and get ready for growth.

· Forward this email to someone you think would benefit from participation.

Delegation is one of the most underused strategic tools. This workshop is designed to help you see the unused effectiveness of delegation is small and large businesses alike.

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