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customized solutions for optimization

Every business if different. Despite similar elements each one is unique because unique people manage and work there. A one size fits all approach ignores the most important characteristic of all – the uniqueness of the people within the organization.  Empowerment Strategies Coaching and Consulting explores that quality and leverages it for growth.  A customized solution – tailored just for your business.


Jim Collins in Good to Great wrote: “It is better to first get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats, and then figure out where to drive.”

Great idea!  But how do you do that?  According to the Wall Street Journal, companies are notorious for hiring more for a cultural fit rather than for the matching of roles and skills to capacities and inherent motivations within the applicant.  More often than not entrepreneurs hire people who match their skills and energy. Bottom line: leaders bring in the people they like (not necessarily the people with the skills needed to do the job) and the organization can suffer.

ESC&C takes a holistic approach to team building. We provide an assessment of the specific skills needed for the team to function optimally and an audit of the individuals within the team that allows us to see the gaps.  While that solves potential deficiencies, the corresponding benefit is that we are able to generate increased confidence and satisfaction within every team member as they recognize how they are wired and when they are contributing the best of themselves.  As each team member learns exactly how he/she performs best, they also learn to honor and protect the capacities in one another.


Maximize learning and retention for a process, subject or challenge by doing it together.  Group coaching accelerates the team’s learning capacity by sharing across experiences, education, and generations.  We know that teams that learn together build collaborative trust and listening skills.

Group coaching has other benefits.  It drives responsibility for learning, emotional intelligence, develops personal presentation skills and inspires creative thinking.

Empowerment Strategies Coaching and Consulting can bring a library of topics that can advance the entire team. We design group coaching around topics specific to your team’s needs. Some topics include: 

  1. Effective and Ineffective Delegation 

  2. Team Communications 

  3. How to listen actively and ask better questions. 


A succession planning process is helpful during key times in an organization’s life cycle—for example, during a merger or acquisition, or ahead of the retirement of a CEO or the owner of a family-owned business. Succession plans provide organizations with the bench strength of potential leaders needed to support company growth. An audit of key functions and roles within the business.

  • Compilation of the skills, competencies and talents needed for the role

  • Utilization of assessments and other tools to identify individuals to fill the role

  • Identification of training and development required for individuals to fill the gaps in their education or experience

  • Reevaluation of the succession plan through implementation

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