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right person, right seat



Empowerment Strategies Coaching knows that every small business has the highest need, and perhaps one of their greatest vulnerabilities, during the hiring process. While all businesses struggle with putting the right person in the right seat, for small businesses hiring the wrong person is just too expensive a mistake to make. It is precious time away from working in the business.  Business leaders need to find a good hire and onboard them swiftly so everyone can get back to business. 

Empowerment Strategies uses unique assessment tools along with a reliable vetting process that sets a high bar to measure skills as well as inherent capacities for each applicant. To make certain we know what skills and capacities are required, we do a team audit to determine what exists and what may be missing. We take the tedious time requirement off your plate so that you have the time to do what creates revenue. And we keep going until you have the right person in the right seat doing the right work.

We specialize in helping you find that person who is perfect for the work you need done. By using our unique tools including assessments, a 360 approach to interviewing, as well as measurements of passion and interests, we help you locate that “needle in a haystack” that will make your life easier instead of harder!


This is what you can expect if you work with us:

  • Focused opportunities to see the bigger picture and assess the voids.

  • A utilization of various tools to help existing team recognize their strengths and skill gaps.

  • An identification of the tasks you truly need in a new employee.

  • An assessment in how you will measure the value of the employee at employment and 90 day beyond

  • Creation of the job description that invites the “right person.”

  • Monitoring the applications to identify the “A” candidates

  • Initial interviews to assess the accuracy of the resumes.

  • Coaching with new employee and team members to ensure successful onboarding

  • Exploration of personal attitudes and belief systems that impact the success of your employees or team members


Typically, a new hire requires about six months to really make a positive financial contribution to the organization. ESC&C can cut that time in half with our five-point process for new hires designed to bring clarity, prioritization and immediate successes to the team.

I couldn’t imagine where to actually begin to get the right person for my growing business. What Theresa has done for me is help me define the perimeters of the role, get the right person and onboard them seamlessly. I won’t be second guessing my decision. It has been worth so much more than I paid!


Let's find the right fit.

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